Our Work

Who are we?

The Dije seeks to make Judaism intriguing, enjoyable and relevant to all King Davidians. We work to create invigorating Jewish experiences both in and outside of the classroom.Throughout the school year we run various in-school programs, weekend getaways (shabbaton) and a weeklong seminar for grade 11 students. All of these are creatively designed and brought to life by a dynamic team of energetic educators

We have Teams based at each King David School: Linksfield [High School and Primary], Victory Park [High School and Primary] and Sandton [Primary]. At each of these schools, we have decidated spaces which we use to interact and engage with students on a daily basis. This means that our teams are able to become a vibrant part of the school. We work closley with both the Jewish Studies Department and the Student Committees to make Judaism come alive in and out of the classroom. We love sharing the depth and beauty of Torah and how it can provide each person with helpful life tools.

Why Informal Education?

Informal Jewish Education is all about creating an environment where questioning is the art of learning. Learning to ask the important questions is the best evidence of growth and understanding that there is, far surpassing the understand of a correct “answer.” Questions are links to other questions. These questions are little fragments of curiosity that get to the core of life’s important challenges. The Division of Informal Education encourages its students to express themselves, their spiritual challenges and their truest questions in an inspiring, experiential environment. This kind of education invites our curious students to really explore the world around them.


Hashem entrusted the Jewish people with the mission of caring about and helping society through acts of loving kindness. The Dije strives to make sure that our work has an impact not only with KD students but with the needy and less fortunate in both the Jewish community and South Africa as a whole.