Our Team

Illan Bidddle KDL High School Team Leader

Oriella Davis KDVP High School Team Leader

Yehuda Sobel Primary Schools Team Leader

Simone Jubiler Dije Operations

Chananya Bacher Links High

Ilan Berno Bernstein Links Primary and Chef

Eitan Kabatznik VP High

Jayde Moss Sandton Primary

Gali Shalpid Links High

Kayla Bernstein VP High

Sigalle Bachrach VP Primary

Jenny Disler Links Primary

Brent Davidoff

After matriculating from King David Victory Park in 2006, Brent went on to study Torah and Jewish philosophy at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi in Jerusalem for two years. Upon returning to Johannesburg, Brent devoted himself to community youth development, working as an advisor at the Dije and then taking on the role of Rosh Machaneh for Bnei Akiva in 2011. After completing his Bcom Industrial Psychology degree, Brent joined an NGO called Harambee, a youth employment accelerator, where he worked with large groups of economically excluded youths, helping them gain the necessary skills to get and keep quality jobs. Brent then joined The Heaven Group – a family business – where he worked as the Operation Manager and focused on developing the entry-level workforce mainly comprised of young post-matrics with little exposure to the world of business.

In 2017 Brent was appointed Dije director and has been loving every moment since then. Brent resonates deeply with the mission of the Dije and is grateful to work with a team of informal educators committed to making a positive lasting impact on other people’s lives.

Dije Team 2018

They are at your school, they are in your class, you see them walking around, they're on shabbaton and encounter, but who are the Dije Team? 👨‍👧‍👧 Meet the Dije team for 2018! 🏆🥇🎬#TheDijeFamily

Posted by Dije KD on Sunday, 4 March 2018