Our Team

Aharon Chemel Director

Brandon David Deputy Director

Simone Jubiler Dije Operations

Natalia Blumenthal Digital & social media manager

KDL team: Lindy Kremer, Bati Setzer, Ari Poyurs & Gabi Osrin

KDVP team: Shira Katz & Elisheva Wolowitz

KD Sandton: Gali Shalpid


Aharon Chemel

Dije Director

Aharon has many years of informal education experience and leadership through his years of participation in Bnei Akiva. He held the positions of Executive Camp Director in 2015, and National Chairman in 2016. He is currently completing his MBA through the Cordon Institute of
Business Sciences

With his natural skills experience, we are looking forward to working with him and continuing the Dije’s ultimate mission of affecting the hearts and minds of King David students and inspiring their love for Judaism and lsrael.